"Positive $hifts happen when you define wealth as having great health, a great mind-set, fabulous relationships and control of your personal finances."

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I first did a transaction with Rita Boccuzzi about 7 years ago, she has helped me set up my financial accounts, and saved me lots of money, because she was fast and efficient, nothing got delayed, she understood that if it was delayed, it would have cost me too much, and I could not have been able to afford it.

Since then, of course, she has won my trust and never disappointed me.

Thank you for your honesty, your patients, and Thank you for being professional.

Rita does not have to work hard to be all of the above. All she has to be is her own self. Truly Yours

— Mary Garabedian

Rita is very inspired by her work, which became evident rather quickly.

She customized my finances when I was in graduate school, when money was a scarcity, to achieve the goals for the lifestyle I desired.

I used to be confused about how to create wealth, until she illustrated the history of our economy, which in turn showed me how to stay ahead of the game, and continue making smart financial decisions.

I now have certainty and clarity when it comes to my current and future finances!

Thank you so much, Rita! 


I have known Rita Boccuzzi personally and professionally for the past two years. From the moment I met Rita I felt an instant connection. I resonated with Rita's upbeat, enthusiastic and outgoing personality immediately.

Having Rita guide me through my financial journey is, and was, an added bonus.

I am so excited to share about Rita and her company because I have seen how she has shifted not only my life but the lives of others through her unique approach to addressing my personal finances.

With gratitude and grace, I thank you.

— Tania M. Cooper

Rita, you are amazing!

Thank you for opening my eyes to the intricacies of the financial world. You and your colleague explained the complexities in simple, understandable terms and have given me the tools to make positive change. 

Your seminars should also be taught to children so they’re better prepared to face their future!

— Judy Robitschek

"Working with Rita has opened my eyes up to a new way of understanding money and how to protect it. She has customized a plan that will work for me personally and truly cares about my well-being.

I am so thankful for the tools that she has taught me to build my foundation and secure my financial future."

— Tammy Reese

Rita made it simple and easy to understand my finances and this helped me to make a clear and confident decision in choosing the right product for my lifestyle.

I feel that the way Rita presents and explains the different options makes it less intimidating and approachable.

— Gloria Ramirez